Digital Strategy, Dashboarding & Reporting

At a time when 3/4 of marketing managers are unclear about how their marketing budgets are being spent and returned, it is crucial to know exactly what every euro spent generates in leads or sales. We offer the solution with a strategic approach and an advanced dashboard that provides insight into your marketing efforts.

We start by doing the essential thinking for you, asking the right questions and developing an online strategy that generates leads and opens up new opportunities. We make sure your message reaches the right audience through the optimal channels, so that it is not only heard and seen, but also provokes action.

Our online dashboard brings all your marketing activities together - from digital to offline channels - and provides a clear overview of spending, generated leads and return on investment (ROI). This enables more efficient management of your marketing budget and ensures seamless integration between online and offline efforts, leading to maximum return on investment.

With this approach and tools, you regain control of your marketing budget and can make strategic decisions that drive your business forward. This is how you take your marketing strategy to the next level.

  • Understanding your target group
  • Drawing up a strategy
  • Setting feasible goals
  • Selection of channels & the different actions
  • In function of lead generation
  • Comprehensive presentation
  • The basis for the creation of a media plan
  • Your own customised dashboard
  • A timeframe to adjust day by day
  • Online and offline channels in one dashboard
  • More efficient management of your marketing budget
  • Automated
  • Link with your CRM: Hubspot, Salesforce, Teamleader, Active Campaign, etc.

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