Social media management

As a social media agency, we create dynamic content that encourages liking and sharing. We craft the right message for the right audience. Of course, we put all this content into a clear content calendar. This way, we know at all times what we are going to say, how we want to say it and when is the best time to do it for maximum response and return. Through the right channels and with the right call to action.

Kruisraket takes the burden off companies when it comes to their social media, freeing up more time for you to do what you really excel at: running your business!

A team of in-house copywriters, visual designers, video animators and photographers create new and original content that your target audience will love. Your social media channels get a boost, as does your online image. We plan, design, post and monitor.

  • A fixed monthly cost
  • Incl. strategy development
  • Creation of a content calendar
  • Writing of posts and trending topics
  • Posting of messages
  • Insights & analytics
  • Workshops
  • For Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok...
  • Next-level advertising, targeted to relevant audiences, remarketing campaigns... where we measure all conversions to map out your ROI and cost-per-acquisition.

Social media bureau Roeselare

Get in touch

Don't have the time to manage your social media yourself? Do you also find it challenging to create interesting content daily? Or to keep up with the weekly updates? Do not hesitate any longer and get in touch with a real social media agency. We will definitely help you further.

Digital strategy

Where are your digital opportunities for more revenue? As an agency, we ask the right questions so we can make the proper analysis. Afterwards, we present a tailored digital strategy for your business.

Lead generation

With a clear strategy and the right call-to-actions, we turn your website into a visitor magnet and transform prospects into customers.

Google Ads

Make yourself visible anytime, anywhere. With SEA (Search Engine Advertising), you ensure that people find you when they are searching for your product.


With SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you improve your organic rankings in Google, attracting more visitors to your website and generating leads.

Social media

Inspire your followers and make your brand known to new relevant audiences. With compelling content, we create moments to like, share and convert.

Analysis & Reporting

What are you really outsourcing for marketing? What is the cost per lead or sale? We map out the total cost picture and report using your own personal dashboard.

Email marketing

Whether it's a one-time newsletter or periodic email campaigns, we conceive, design and program emails that inspire, persuade and convert.

Online advertising

Online advertising is not limited to social media and Google alone; there are many more relevant channels available. We will introduce the right ones to you in a clear media plan.

Content marketing

We create attractive content with the help of the best in-house copywriters, photographers and video creators.