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With SEA – or search engine advertising – you ensure that people find you when they are searching for your product. As a Google Ads agency, we make sure that your website immediately scores high in the search results, yielding optimal results. With Google Ads, we ensure that you can reach the right people when they are searching for your product.

Would you like to use web banners? No problem, with the Google Display Network you can deploy targeted advertisements for specific audiences. This is ideal for increasing your brand awareness. In this way, you reach interesting prospects who could become customers later on.

Kruisraket is a Google Partner and specializes in managing high-quality campaigns where results and leads are the ultimate goal.

  • SEA-audit & optimization
  • Google Search
  • Google Display Network: dynamic and attractive web banners
  • YouTube advertising
  • Google Shopping & dynamic remarketing
  • G-mail ads
Google Ads SEA

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